Sorghum United

The work of Sorghum United is truly a global effort. Our team is comprised of Sorghum industry professionals on every continent except Antartica. We believe in the positive impacts of Sorghum in human and animal diets, renewable industrial processes, and as a climate-smart option for farmers who value water conservation, soil health, wildlife habitat, and carbon sequestration.


Promote Producer, Processor, and Consumer Education

1) Digital Content Creation/Dissemination

2) Conference Facilitation/Presentation

3) Consumer-Friendly Advertising/Materials


Foster Markets Development for Value-Added Food, Fuel and Fiber Products made with Sorghum and Millets

1) Develop Collaborations with Partners in the Public, Academic, and Private Sectors

2) Connect Like-Minded Organizations Globally

3) Advocate for Climate- Smart and Common-Sense State and Local Policies


Support for Regional Food and Entreprenurial Hubs

1) Coordination with State and Regional Organizations to Promote Educational Opportunities on the Applications, Agronomy, and Nutritional Value of Sorghum and Millets

2) Direction of Support for Local Producers and Entrepreneurs – Localized Solutions

3) Solicitation of Grants and Private-Funding Sources to Support Regional Entreprenurial Programs


Sorghum is the resource-conserving grain that is a friend to both soil and water. In fact, the sustainability-smart U.S. farmers that raise Sorghum have found it resistant to both heat and drought, requiring an amazing 30% less water than comparable grains. That’s an annual savings so significant, it could supply the water usage of over 16 million homes.


Our international team dedicated to the advancement of the global Sorghum industry.

The goal is to promote greater awareness of our grain among consumers and producers. Collaboration opens new opportunities for research and development by connecting individuals and organization who are a passion for climate-smart and healthy grains. Together, we can make a difference in the challenges facing human nutrition and environmental change.

Sorghum; Crop

Sorghum is a versatile crop can be grown as grain, forage, or sweet crop. Sorghum is one of the top five cereal crops in the world.

The legendary ancient superhero team is helping the world in distress through education and entertainment.  Join them on their adventure.

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