About Us

We believe sorghum plays an important role in the future of agriculture. This belief is predicated upon the known benefits of these crops to human health, water conservation, carbon sequestration, soil rejuvenation, and wildlife habitat. As partners across the globe look to regenerative agricultural practices, we alone, as the leading advocates for our industry, bear responsibility for ensuring that sorghum and millets are included in the conversation in a clear, concise, and recognizable way.

Sorghum United is an international team of equal peers dedicated to the advancement of the global sorghum/ sorgho/ sorgo/ jowar/ milo/ mashilla etc. industry. The primary goal of Sorghum United is to collaborate in creating awareness for our grain through uniform, but localizable advertising. We believe that in doing so, we will elevate sorghum in the general consumer and producer consciousness. The Sorghum United Campaign will help to dispel misperceptions about sorghum, while also equating the connections between differing regional and cultural nomenclatures for the crop. Collaboration also opens new doors for research and product development by virtue of connecting previously disconnected individuals and organizations who share the passion for climate-smart and healthy grains. Together, we believe we can make a difference as leaders in the challenges facing human nutrition and environmental change.

Mission Statement:

To focus world attention on the role of sorghum and millets in climate-smart agriculture and nutritional value for food security, nutrition, and poverty eradication, and in support of the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals including the Sustainable Development Goals.

Specific objectives

  • Increase the visibility of the great potential of sorghum and millets to contribute to global food security, especially in countries where the population has no access to other protein sources or where production conditions are limiting.
  •  Prepare technical and policy frameworks for the conservation and sustainable use of sorghum and millets diversity worldwide.
  • Recognize and provide value to small-holder farmers of sorghum and millets by developing consumer markets demand for healthy and sustainable food, feed, fiber, and fuel sourced from sorghum and millets.
  • Improve international cooperation and partnerships between public, private and non-governmental organizations related to the cultivation and promotion of sorghum and millets.
  • Promote the importance of developing sustainable production systems for sorghum and millets for consumption and food security.

Expected Results:

  • Increased awareness of sorghum and millets and how these grains can help alleviate hunger and malnutrition.
  • Better understanding of the markets, opportunities, constraints and channels in order to provide small-holder farmers with access to markets and expand existing high-value markets.
  • Advance scientific and technical knowledge and information exchange on sorghum and millets.
  • Programs and projects to promote the expansion of sorghum and millets in supply chains, production, and innovation around the globe generally, and specifically in regions facing water and food insecurities.

The key focus areas for IYM include:

  • Information and Communication
  • Research, technology and marketing
  • Fundraising and cooperation