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For Immediate Release:

Thursday, December 21, 2023


Sorghum United, The North American Millets Alliance, the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute, and the India Millets Initiative Announce Indo-U.S. Millets Initiative

Lincoln: Sorghum United, The North American Millets Alliance (NAMA), the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute and the India Millets Initiative announced the creation of the Indo-U.S. Millets Initiative. The initiative aims to expand awareness, markets development, and the exchange of knowledge for small, ancient grains between partners in India and the United States, continuing the conversation begun by the United Nations and the International Year of Millets. The action further formalizes partnerships between these trans-continental organizations, building toward robust public and private sector relationships.

“Sorghum United is excited to bring this partnership with Dr. Satyen Yadav’s team at the India Millets Initiative to the United States,” stated Sorghum United CEO Nate Blum. “Having the Indo-US. Millets Initiative located in Nebraska will provide an enviable opportunity for the exchange of knowledge between our native research, academic, private sector, and governmental institutions and partners in India.”

“We must continue to find ways to grow enough food for our growing population while conserving our water resources. Through this cooperation, we hope to strengthen our collective ability to ensure global food and water security for all,” said Peter McCornick, executive director of the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska.

“The India Millet Initiative has plans to promote Millets and Sorghum in North America and South America under the joint banner of Indo-U.S. Millet Initiative to bring all the stakeholders at one platform for a win-win-situation and address the entire value chain with transparency and traceability in the whole value chain and supply chain,” stated India Millet Initiative Chairman, Dr. Satyen Yadav.

“Indo-U.S. collaboration on the Decade of Millets presents an exciting opportunity to build on complementary strengths in order to enhance the roles of millets, including sorghum, in sustainable agriculture, healthy food, and economic development,” stated Dr. Don Osborn, Co-founder of the North American Millets Initiative.

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Sorghum United is an international non-governmental organization working for consumer and producer education, markets development, entrepreneurial empowerment and global food security in the sorghum and millets space

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